1. Real Estate Sales- residential, apartments, commercial, condominiums, businesses
    and vacant land.

  2. Market Analysis-within 24hrs of calling to professionally determine the value of your property and the maximum amount to be expected in a sale

  3. Mortgages-In office loan applications by major lenders

  4. Special Low and No Money Down Programs

  5. Nationwide Referral System

  6. Home Warranty Program
    (up to 4 years)

  7. Direct Purchase Plan

  8. Insurance-home insurance,mortgage insurance and all other types

  9. Licensed Land Surveyors

  10. Attorneys





Next to Your family, your home or income property is your most important possession. At ROSSI REALTY, INC. we pride ourselves, after years of service to the community, on handling your property as a sacred trust. As our employer, we promise you top service and high standards of conduct and performance that you have every right to expect. After marketing your home with Rossi Realty, Inc., the next word that you can expect to hear is "SOLD"!

Custom Marketing Plan for Your Property to Achieve Top Dollar

1) Home or Income Property Market Analysis-within 24 hours of calling to determine the worth of your property in today's market so you know how much profit to expect from your investment for your investment for your next new property.

2)Property Analyzation - compilation of complete and accurate listing information on your property so that all of our professionally trained staff and cooperating Realtor brokers will be fully informed as to size, amenities and important factual material.

3)Qualified Buyer Inventory- introduction of your property to the many hundreds of qualified buyers NOW on file at the office of Rossi Realty, Inc. Many of these are the owners of property currently SOLD by our office and who are currently working with our agents to find new home or income property like yours!

4)Computerized Multiple Listing Service your property will be entered into the computer within minutes after listing and made available to thousands of Realtor Associates who will be out to work in the marketing of your property with buyers stored in the computer memory bank and also place your property on the Internet and various web sites.

5) Advertising- all major neighborhood publications( as necessary), both Classified and Display.

6)Picture Advertising-in the Harmon Homes magazine, as necessary. A picture of your property can be displayed in this bi-monthly publication, attracting yet more buyers, and in other publication as necessary.

7)Homeowners Marketing Service Referral Network-provides out of state buyer prospects (owners or investors) who may be looking for property just like yours!

8)Above all, we promise to market your home in a manner designed to help you obtain the best price in the shortest time with a minimum of inconvenience.

9)Your home is viewable thru many different INTERNET web sites.



In our capacity as your sales agents, we promise to perform the following services:

*Faithful adherence to the Custom Marketing Plan so as to attract the greatest number of qualified prospects.

*Realtors Associates from our office will be invited to preview your home, seeing its many unique features first hand.

*Counsel you on how to show your property to its best advantage and make recommendations on how to get top dollar for your property.

*Controlled Showings will minimize interruptions in family routine while showing your property to qualified prospects.

*We will keep in touch at least once a week and be available to your calls at anytime.

*Contact each Realtor associate who shows your property to determine customer reaction and report this information to you within 24 hours.

*Promptly present any and all offers to purchase and help in evaluating each.

*Assist in the buyer's loan application, cooperation with the buyer's lender by promptly providing all needed information, assist the appraiser to insure the highest appraised price for your property and finally, aid your attorney in producing a prompt, orderly closing.